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Not Magic! It's Just PAWSitive Real Word Guidance. 


Padfoot's Mission

Padfoot Pet Services was started by dog trainers Tyler Parsons and Kat Salcedo to help pets cope with real world problems and stay in their forever homes. We specialize in applied socialization to help your pet be the best versions of themselves. Our goal is to help build bonds and communication between owner and pet, provide enrichment for the pets during work, as well as increase socialization and exposure to all areas of this wonderful world. 

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 Our Services

All Services require a initial evaluation

This is to make sure we are starting you and your family off on the right paw.

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Taking the dog for a walk
Tug of War

In Home Care

We offer multiple services that are provided in the home. We will have one of our pet care professionals care for your pets while you are away. Services include pet sitting in the comfort of your home, a quick potty break during the day, and in-home training to help with problem behaviors while you are gone.

Real World Guidance 

This is where we help bring your dog to the real world inside and  outside of your home. Our enrichment walks will help your shy dog out into their own neighborhood and park. We also have field trips to provide variety to your pup's world and to help them join you out and about in the urban world.

Other Services

Other Services coming soon.

Dog Walker at the Park

“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.”

Mark Twain