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A Culture of Education,

Science, Empathy, Imagination 


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Proven approach

What is science-based training? A proven approach that creates a consistent result in multiple types of situations and gets positive results. By using positive reinforcers to create greater understanding for both owner and dog.

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Clear Cues & Gestures with

Emotional Understanding

With empathy, we focus on timing and clear communication. By working on seeing the world from your pup's point of view it is easier to create clear communication. With clear communication, we can create the ability to say "poop there not here" or "That dog is safe. You don't need to react to it".

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Adapting & Over Coming New Issues

Thinking outside the box to think about what motivates your dogs. When working with people and animals things are always changing and we will need to adapt to new situations, as well as, find new ways to keep your pup busy and stimulated. For some dogs, you will need to get creative with your definition of a "treat".

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If you want to learn more about our philosophy, visit Padfoot Services.

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