Real world 101

School Was Never so Much Fun

Our Real World Classes are a combination of our Three educational class Enrichment Walks, Tutoring session, and Field Trips. Our specialist will work with the owner and  pet to find the best way to bring your family into this chaotic and wonderful world. In every package built to work with your pet you will also get a Parent Teacher Conference. All  services will need a evaluation before sessions start

Enrichment Walks

  • In your own area.

  • Walks with training heavily involved.

  • One on one work with dog.

  • B.A.T. (Behavior Adjustment Training)

  • Great with with​

    • Reactive behavior​

    • Leash work such as heel, and not pulling

    • Builds confidence, and focus

Tutoring Session

  • Training in the home.

  • Works on.

    • Body handling skills like putting on and off training tools​

    • Teaching skills before going out of the home.

    • Getting used to new people coming into the home.

    • Continued training when the weather is not conducive to working out doors

Field Trip

  • Training in the real world.

  • We will travel 20-30 min from your home to a pet friendly location and work on all the skill from In Home Tutoring and Enrichment walk.

Parent Teachers Conference 

After a few sessions of Real World Guidance we will sit down with the owners at home and go over all the training we have worked on together. That way we can be sure to set you and your fur family up for success.


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